What is Bus Connects?

BusConnects aims to overhaul the current bus system in the Dublin region by:

  • building a network of “next generation” bus corridors on the busiest bus routes to make bus journeys faster, predictable and reliable;
  • introducing a higher quality of bus system, on the busiest corridors;
  • completely redesigning the network of bus routes to provide a more efficient network, connecting more places and carrying more passengers;
  • developing a state-of-the-art ticketing system using credit and debit cards or mobile phones to link with payment accounts and making payment much more convenient;
  • implementing a cashless payment system to vastly speed up passenger boarding times;
  • revamping the fare system to provide a simpler fare structure, allowing seamless movement between different transport services without financial penalty;
  • implementing a new bus livery providing a modern look and feel to the new bus system;
  • rolling out new bus stops with better signage and information and increasing the provision of additional bus shelters; and
  • transitioning - starting now - to a new bus fleet using low-emission vehicle technologies.

Overall Benefits

For passengers BusConnects will deliver:

  • reliable and punctual bus services;
  • faster journey times for passengers;
  • comfortable, modern vehicles;
  • high frequency service on busy routes;
  • an easy to understand network;
  • universal passenger information - at roadside, on apps and on vehicles;
  • simpler fare structures and easier payment; and
  • seamless integration with other transport types.

For businesses BusConnects will:

  • by improving transport, make Dublin a more attractive location for employers;
  • increase potential employment catchment areas by providing new transport links;
  • reduce commuting time for employees; and
  • reduce car congestion and enhance the attractiveness of urban centres for shopping and social purposes.

For cyclists BusConnects will:

  • deliver a step-change in cycling facilities on the key radial routes into the city centre;
  • provide safe cycling facilities, largely segregated from other traffic, along these corridors; and
  • provide the opportunity for more people to cycle to work, school, college or for recreational purposes.

For visitors BusConnects will:

  • ensure a simpler and more understandable bus transport system;
  • enable easy use of the bus system, without the need to purchase advance tickets or payment cards;
  • make more places accessible for visitors and tourists; and
  • reduce the impacts of traffic congestion in urban centres.

For the environment BusConnects will:

  • enable more people to use sustainable transport;
  • transition the bus fleet to low emission vehicles;
  • assist Ireland to meet its climate change targets; and
  • provide a greener transport system for everyone.