Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign - Public Consultation Report


National Transport Authority (NTA) has published its Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Public Consultation report. The report has been prepared by Jarrett Walker & Associates, a US based firm which specialises in designing metropolitan public transport systems. This report makes far-reaching proposals that will bring about improved services for passengers on bus services in the Dublin metropolitan area.

The report proposes a number of fundamental changes to the network of bus services in Dublin by:
• Increasing the overall amount of bus services.
• Providing new and frequent orbital services connecting more outer parts of the city together.
• Simplifying the bus services on the key radial into “spines” where all buses will operate under a common letter system and buses will run very frequently and be more evenly spaced.
• Increasing the number of routes where buses will come every 15 minutes or less all day.

A process of consultation on this Report will formally get under way on July 16th 2018 and continue for 11 weeks until September 28th 2018. As part of the consultation process, NTA and Dublin Bus will conduct a series of information events across the region.

In addition, we will invite people to have their say on the proposed network redesign via an online survey and written submissions can be submitted to the email address: consultations@busconnects.ie Further details of these information events will be available on this website soon.

Download the PDF Report here: Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Summary Report

Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign - Key Facts

Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign - Proposed Service Hours and Frequencies

Map 1 - Existing Network: Big Picture
Map 2 - Proposed All Day Network: Big Picture
Map 3 - Proposed Additional Peak Hour Services
Map 4 - Proposed Network: Dublin North Outer
Map 5 - Proposed Network: Dublin West Outer
Map 6 - Proposed Network: Dublin South Outer
Map 7 - Proposed Network: Dublin City Centre